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Underwater, a new threat slowly emerges. Playing as a helpless hermit crab, use your shells to defeat countless waves of monsters and giant sea creatures in this action packed 2d game.

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Hermit: an Underwater Tale is a fast paced action game with arcade elements. You play as a hermit crab who faces waves of creeps and dangerous sea creatures. In order to protect yourself and defeat your enemies, you will use a wide variety of empty shells as weapons. Each shell comes with a specific set of moves and attacks and will eventually break after use. Without any shell, the hermit is fully exposed and any damage he receives will be lethal. The game features a simple core mechanic paired with a high and ever increasing difficulty over multiple levels. In order to beat the game, you will have to combine skill, real-time resources management, smart item purchases, upgrade strategies and serious stamina in order to survive.


An invisible threat is slowly making its way to the bottom of the sea, the ocean is getting hotter and darker. Life isn’t going to be easy down there. Luckily, you will be able to stand up to your enemies and ruthless bosses using shells and their incredible powers. Later on, you will evolve, improve yourself to survive in your new environment. Wildlife isn’t easy? Yeah, and what? You will gain your place, you will fight one shell at a time to prove Darwin wrong: a hermit crab can be the king of the ocean.


Hermit is meant to be a casual fast-paced arcade-ish game combined with roguelite elements. The game revolves around the defining trait of a hermit crab: its shell, and the fact that it must change from time to time. Players are required to use different types of shells to protect themselves or to defeat some threatening opponents. They must use them wisely and never forget that without a shell a hermit crab is defenseless, soon to be dead.
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    Tristan Thévenoz
    Lead, Art, Game Design

    Jonathan Giezendanner
    Lead, Programming, Game Design

    Jonathan Fellay

    Plume Oggier

    Gwen Buord


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